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(Image: start) Boris Johnson today revealed travellers to the UK from 22 'red list' Covid countries will be forced to quarantine in hotels for 10 days. Mr Johnson also announced that Britons will be sent home from airports if they fail to prove their trip abroad is 'essential'.  Airlines are expected to be fined if they fail to enforce non-exemptions properly after influencers were accused of 'taking the p***' by jetting out to Dubai, claiming their Instagram updates constituted work.  The Prime Minister told the Commons that passengers will be 'met at the airport and transported directly into quarantine'.

A travel industry source told the PA news agency that the list of destinations this will apply to includes all of South America, southern Africa and Portugal. He is introducing an Australian-style quarantine scheme following concerns about new Covid variants entering Britain - but ignored a plea from Priti Patel and Health Secretary Matt Hancock to apply the diktat to all arrivals. Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer told the Commons today that the Government had 'failed' by being 'too slow' to bring it in and claiming that quarantining arrivals from 22 countries 'doesn't go far enough'.  The 22 'high risk' countries, due to be published later today by the Home Secretary along with a start date, are expected to include Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, much of South America and southern Africa.  These areas have been chosen because of dangerous variants that have emerged there - or because they have rocketing infection and death rates. Passengers arriving in Britain from any of the listed countries will have to isolate for 10 days in hotels near airports and pay around £1,500 for the privilege.      Boris Johnson told the Commons: 'I want to make clear that under the stay at home regulations, it is illegal to leave home to travel abroad for leisure purposes and we will enforce this at ports and airports by asking people why they are leaving and instructing them to return home if they do not have a valid reason to travel. 'We have also banned all travel from 22 countries where there is a risk of known variants including South Africa, Portugal and South American nations. 'And in order to reduce the risk posed by UK nationals and residents returning home from these countries, 인계동가라오케 I can announce that we will require all such arrivals who cannot be refused entry to isolate in Government provided accommodation, such as hotels, for 10 days without ex <br>'They will be met at the airport and transported directly into quarantine.

The Department of Health and Social Care is working to establish these facilities as quickly as poss <br>The impending quarantine rules ca <br>Boris Johnson said he was 'deeply sorry for 인계동가라오케 every life lost' as the UK went past 100,000 coronavirus deaths as the PM insisted the Government 'did all we could';England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty believes the country has reached the peak of the latest - and most serious - wave of the pandemic;People infected with Kent coronavirus variant are MORE likely to get symptoms than those who catch older strains, ONS report reveals - but they are less likely to lose smell and taste; Cases are falling fast - down from 68,000 cases recorded on January 7 to just over 20,000 yesterday.

The figure is the lowest it has been since December. But another 1,631 deaths were recorded within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test yesterday, taking the total to 100,162; (Image: start) (Image: start) Boris Johnson (pictured today) will impose Australian-style quarantine scheme, which is being introduced following concerns about new Covid variants. Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer says limiting it to arrivals from 22 countries 'doesn't far <br>gh'. (Image: start) These are the daily average of cases per million people in the countries that could be on the UK rant<br>list (Image: start) (Image: start) Reality stars who fled to Dubai before England's third lockdown began look set to be returning to 10-day compulsory quarantine stay at hotels near Britain's airports.

Kady McDermott (left) and Maura Higgins (right) were among the stars to travel to the UAE before down<br>an  (Image: start) Flagged Camps Bay beach in Cape Town, South Africa, a country certain to be on the list after a dangerous variant emrged re C<br>tmas (Image: start) A deserted Praia da Rocha Beach in Portugal yesterday where the travel industry has been decimated by Covid and will now be added to a quarantine list by the UK, 수원가라오케 one of bigge<br>arkets (Image: start) Ministers will outline plans today to force British travellers to quarantine in airport hotels, despite warnings from airline chiefs that the sector faces ruin. Pictured: Arrivals at Heathr irport<br>terday RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Daily Covid cases fall 41% in a week to 22,195 - the lowest... Almost HALF A MILLION people get the Covid vaccine jab in a... Healthy life expectancy for women in the UK drops by almost...

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